January 18 horoscope taurus or taurus

I mean, what could possibly be better than exploring together?

Taurus the Bull [20 April – 20 May ] | star sign, horoscope, astrological and zodiac facts

Although you may be booking tickets now, if possible, save any major trips until Uranus — the planet of innovation — rolls into your own sign on March 6. On Sunday, January 6 , this eccentric planet will conclude its retrograde cycle for its final two months in the Aries sky. Ask yourself how you can make these next eight weeks count. Embrace the tough stuff too, Taurus.

As you've learned, the journey is as important as the destination. A new astrological season begins on Sunday, January 20 , when the sun glides into Aquarius. Finally, the month concludes with another profound lunation: After two years, the Leo-Aquarius eclipse series finally concludes on Monday, January 21 , with a total lunar eclipse at 0 degrees Leo.

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Welcome to Capricorn season, Taurus!

NEW Tuesday, October the 8th. Monthly Horoscope. Qualities of Libra. Happy with other people. What sport to soothe your emotions? Star Signs. Rising sign calculator. Love: It Starts Strong! In the process of reaching an emotional ideal? If you have found that special someone, then you may dream of formalizing the link while others may dream of feeding it, improving it or embarking together for the land of love.

TAURUS 18 January - 18 February 2016 Auntie Jackie

If you're still looking for a soul mate, Venus boosts your standards. No question, then, of being satisfied with a banal story but instead with someone who inspires you and makes you want to take off and why not commit yourself.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Until the 18th, count on this tender planet to make you experience strong moments Friend Taurus and to hover in the higher spheres of love. Then, if your emotional life remains at the forefront of your concerns, however, you will aspire to get more social recognition and then do not hesitate to get out of your den or your room to take center stage and the spotlight. Only the 3rd decan may have to fight against some small inner demons to try to achieve their aspirations, even if Jupiter is responsible for promoting the relationship plan from the 21st!

Venus illuminates a very beginning of the year that invites you to give meaning to your loves.

Since December 20th, in fact, Saturn invites you to learn from a period of possible crisis since December and to evolve more aware in all areas. No question, then, to play with love, but to do everything possible to change your bond or your standards. From the 18th until the 26th , Venus pushes you to come out of your shell and to move forward on the professional level.

Undoubtedly, to try to obtain the social recognition to which you aspire and that you deserve In a Relationship, you have understood the importance of approaching the relationship in depth, to give or restore it's meaning and will at the beginning of the month be inclined to push back certain, previous limitations, in order to move your relationship up a notch and above all to be more aware. From the 18th, Venus offers you the opportunity to shine in society and boost your popularity. Why would you deprive yourself? Single, you have no doubt realized over time that no relationship can be built and endured without being deeply rooted in authentic feelings and a shared worldview.

If you have just met someone this fall , you will do everything you can to make the story evolve in the right direction and if you are still looking for that ideal someone, you will not really have the intention to settle for less. From the 18th, use your power of seduction to shine in society. One never knows! An exceptional month is waiting for you! Between Venus who tenderly raises the debates between the 2nd and 10th and Jupiter who strongly favors commitments until the 21st , you will not know where to put your head or your heart at the beginning of this promising year!

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Until the 10th, you will deploy a lot of energy to boost the relationship plan and may even dare to turn a corner. Whether you decide to formalize the bond or embark on the adventure, everyone should take a decisive step in January and a priori toward the best! In a Relationship, if you are still hesitant to commit yourself, it is without a doubt in January that you will take the plunge. You benefit throughout the month from a big blue sky and an ideal launching pad to change your story. It's a safe bet that it could take a delightful turn and deepen around the 3rd, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th where nothing and no one will seem to be able to stop you from loving and openly expressing your feelings to your significant other, who will surely Single, if you have hesitated for a long time to declare yourself, you will sweep away your doubts in January, when all the cosmic conditions seem to be fulfilled for you to befriend the angels, find that special someone or if you have just met someone to decide if you want to settle down together!

No more timid hints and timid commitments. Venus, Jupiter and Mars come together and push you, in January, out of your entrenchments pronto and for a long time. So, go ahead, what are you waiting for! Venus will inspire you and make you want to raise the debates in love between the 10th and 18th but will have to deal with some interferences that are sometimes difficult to identify around the 13th, where you will perhaps tend to sabotage your own impulses.

Whether you doubt yourself, the other or the legitimacy of your stories, you would be well advised to take the necessary distance before putting oil on the fire and static on the line. From the 21st, fortunately, Jupiter will be in charge of strengthening the bond, helping you reconnect with a somewhat forgotten complicity and will push you decidedly to take a step towards the other! In a Relationship, beware this month of a tendency to play against your interests in love. Avoid over-awakening your inner demons and this unconscious part of yourself that could provoke heated debates around the 13th.